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Paperless Real Estate Closings with Leading Edge Title

Paperless Real Estate Closing

Paperless Real Estate Closing

Leading Edge Title has strategically implemented Pioneer Technology Group paperless document retrieval for Buyers, Sellers and REALTORS® to provide Paperless Real Estate Closing throughout your transaction. We also have a complete post-closing department to handle proper recording, title search updates and provide online access to all documents after closing.

By implementing these procedures, it is estimated that we are saving 300,000 pieces of paper, (36) forty foot tall trees, 34,000 gallons of water and 36 metric tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere…every year!



■ 15,000 Real Estate Transactions Closed since 1998

■ Underwriting with First American and Fidelity

■ Examinations by a Certified Land Title Closer

■ Member of the Florida Land Title Association

■ Member of American Land Title Association


Short Sale Facilitation

■ 98.5% Short Sale Acceptance Rate since 2009

■ Fewer than 10 Denials on 800+ Files since 2009

■ We will collect all documents directly from client

■ Full-time employees dedicated solely to Short Sales

■ Communication Guarantee from our Experienced Staff


Tools and Technology

■ Short Sale Commander   provides Online Short Sale Tracking

■ Pioneer Technologies   provides Online Storage and Retrieval

■ Net Sheet Calculator on our Website to Estimate Proceeds

■ Live Chat Service to Communicate with Clients and Agents

■ Online Title Order…PDF File or Handwriting Not Required


Paperless Real Estate Closing

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Leading Edge Title is committed to Paperless Real Estate Closing and is a member of the American Land Title Association

Leading Edge Title is committed to Paperless Real Estate Closing and is a member of the Florida Land Title Association