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Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

Property is
sold and lender accepts proceeds
as payment in full
vs. Lender takes
title and forces sale of the property
You may be release
from any deficiency judgment liens
filed against you
vs. Lender has the
ability to file a deficiency judgment
against you and any other property
you may own
No foreclosure
reported to credit bureau
vs. A foreclosure
will be reported to
your credit bureau
on your credit report for1 – 1 1/2 years
vs. Reflects negatively
on your credit report for 3 –
5 years
FICO score may
drop between75 – 125 points
vs. FICO score may
drop between200 – 280 points


There is a huge difference between short sale vs. foreclosure. Our experienced Facilitators understand the eccentricities of each Lender’s process providing faster approvals and a 98.5% acceptance rate on files submitted to us.

Clients can always send sensitive documents directly to our short sale team to protect their personal information and reduce your liability.

We have full-time employees dedicated solely to short sales so you can be confident that you will receive what is most important throughout the entire process…Communication! Login at your convenience as well to access documents and track progress online.

Effectively facilitating a Short Sale requires knowledge, skill, and is very time consuming. We can help explain all the differences between short sale vs. foreclosure. As a homeowner in financial distress, our service allows you to use your time wisely and not spend hours upon hours on the phone communicating with your mortgage company or bank. By allowing Leading Edge Title to assist you, we will work with your mortgage company or bank and completely facilitate and market your Orlando Short Sale Listing. Questions?


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Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

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Leading Edge Title can help you with an Orlando Short Sale, we are a member of the American Land Title Association

Leading Edge Title can help you with an Orlando Short Sale, we are a member of the Florida Land Title Association